Little Sprouts Learning Center

Come Grow with us!!!

The basic processes of learning emerge during infancy.  While being nurtured by sensitive and knowledgeable caregivers, these basic processes develop into effective learning tools throughout infancy and toddlerhood.  With that said, learning will begin in the infant nursery, and each child will learn at their own pace all the way through preschool at Little Sprouts Learning Center!

Infant Nursery (6 wks to 9 months)

The nursery staff at Little Sprouts will nurture your infant and provide a safe, healthy, secure space for consistent routines, exploration and the beginning of the learning process.  Each infant  has their own crib with clear view panels on each end for a direct line of sight at all times, even during naps.  Soft bouncers and activity mats line the play area for older infants, while swings and rockers are provided for the younger infants. Staff are trained to focus on each individual child in order to meet your little one’s changing developmental needs. Daily observations allow staff to plan appropriate activities to help your child reach his or her next milestone. 

Waddler 1 (9 months to 15 months)

Waddler 2 (15 months to 24 months)
Little Sprouts' Waddler classrooms are definitely unique!  At this age children learn by touching everything, so shoes will not be allowed in the classrooms.  Designed with the curious child in mind, all free play and gross motor activities are at the child's level, encouraging options and choices for learning.  Padded floors and climbing toys allow for a sense of adventure while learning.  The routines of caregiving (i.e. feeding, naps, diapering, toileting) provide the context for much of their learning.  Weekly themes are reinforced with books, puppets, songs, free-form art projects and other creative activities. 

Toddlers (2 yr olds) Curriculum

Little Sprouts' toddlers are learning to assert his or her independence in new ways every day.  We recognize that children at this age may be at very different stages of development, and individualize our program to meet the needs of every child.  Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor and social skills.  We offer plenty of hands-on activities where children learn through play.  They will develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others.  Little Sprouts' teachers believe that it is important for your toddler to express himself or herself creatively and are committed to providing opportunities and experiences to promote their unique skills and interests.   Weekly themes encourage problem solving, language development, creativity and self-esteem. We also concentrate on potty training and self-help skills with older toddlers.

Threenagers/Preschool Curriculum (3-5 years)
Preschoolers at Little Sprouts Learning Center receive instruction through group activities, discussion, literature & stories, hands-on activities, crafts, teacher-led games, working with manipulatives, music & dance, and repetition. The curriculum is designed to meet the Tennessee Teaching Standards for Pre-K and the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TN-ELDS).

The reading curriculum used by Little Sprouts is called the NEW Letter People.  These vibrant characters are appealing to young learners and each have their own song & dance which helps children remember letters & sounds.  The Letter People curriculum builds oral language, vocabulary, phonological awareness, letter identification, and print awareness. Since 1972, children have been captivated by the Letter People.  In the 1990's, Abrams & Co. Publishers updated each letter character & re-published the early childhood literacy program for modern classrooms.  

We are excited about our most recent purchase, a Scientifically Based Reading Program by Sopris West called Read Well.  Read Well is taught in many elementary schools and has been proven to teach kids to read through what educators call SBRR, or Scientifically-Based Reading Research.  Read Well engages the children through exciting stories each week. They learn to read, as well as learn about habitats, animals, weather, and other science & social studies topics!  They are also introduced to poetry, folktales, fables, legends, myths, detective stories, & more!  Children are excited each week to attend reading group or whole group reading time as they learn about the world around them.  

Read Well incorporates decoding, comprehension, vocabulary words, phonics instruction, teaches fluency & pacing,  and does not make kids move on UNTIL THEY ARE READY!  Your child will work at his/her INDIVIDUAL PACE & feel successful along the way!  To learn what other educators say about Read Well, CLICK HERE.

At Little Sprouts,  the whole child is engaged through classroom instruction of academics, as well as through play opportunities and activities that build fine motor and gross motor skills.  At center time, students can choose from various centers, including Woodworking, Music, Science (with REAL snakeskins, shells, bird nests, horseshoe crab shells, & MORE!), Reading, Blocks, Kitchen/Home, Dress-up/Dramatic Play, Farm & Dollhouse, Art Easel, and more.  During this time, children are learning to make their own decisions, problem solve, work with others, and become responsible for their actions.  They are also called for small group instruction during this time.  During outside playtime, children are working on those gross motor skills through pedaling, throwing/catching, climbing, running, and more.  Little Sprouts Learning Center has a large, fenced playground for outside play & a safe, paved area for riding tricycles.